Samson and Papri with their daughter

Samson was the oldest of four children. When he turned seven, his parents made the heartbreaking decision to send him to live at the International Needs Savar Children’s Village on the outskirts of Dhaka.

Although it deeply grieved them to send him away, Samson’s parents simply could not afford to feed, clothe, and educate all four children. They also hoped that the education Samson would receive through International Needs would improve his prospects for a bright future.

Samson entered his new world with some misgivings; it was hard to leave the only home he had ever known. But he also had the adventurous spirit of a seven-year-old boy, and before long, he began to thrive.

For the 300 children at Savar Children’s Village, each day began and ended with prayer and Bible study. Early on, Samson made the decision to follow Jesus Christ. He ate nutritious meals and rested in the confidence of knowing that his next meal would always be provided. He was able to study and feed his hungry and developing mind. And he grew to love the devoted adults who nurtured and cared for him.

 At the International Needs Children’s Village, Samson also met a little girl named Papri.

Papri came to live at Savar Children’s Village the same year as Samson. Her father had just died, and her mother could no longer care for her. Papri had a longing for home in her heart, but like Samson, she came to embrace her new life with a spirit of adventure.

Samson and Papri became friends. As they grew into young adults, their friendship became the foundation for a different kind of love. They were married seven years ago. Today, Samson and Papri have a beautiful four-year-old daughter and live near their parents in the Dhaka area.

Samson and Papri remember the Savar Children’s Village as a kind of “dreamland”—a place  where they were able to meet Jesus while learning and growing into the people they are today.

Who are they today?

They are two people serving the Lord—Samson as a staff member at Compassion International and Papri as a primary school teacher at a school for underprivileged children. They both are surprised and honored that, in spite of their humble beginnings, the Lord has chosen to work through them to help others facing similarly challenging circumstances.

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