A young widow finds her creative passion again.

Jasmine lived in the Barranquilla area of Colombia and lost her husband to a terminal disease in 2009. His death left her deeply depressed and in severe financial straits because of the cost of the medical treatments he received.

Jasmine’s youngest son was a student at the International Needs Rose of Sharon school and began failing classes after his father’s death. Everything at home was different and each family member was grieving the loss of the man they loved.

As teachers and staff came alongside Jasmine, with support and counseling, they discovered a woman with a deep, resounding faith in Jesus Christ.

They also discovered that Jasmine was a fashion designer with ten years of experience working for

Jasmine with school uniform design
Jasmine with school uniform design

well-known companies both in Colombia and internationally.

As she emerged from her depression, she joined the International Needs sewing center, where she made designs and supervised operators. Her infectious smile drew other hurting people close and she spoke truth and love into the lives of many.

In her time at the sewing center, Jasmine also faithfully introduced many of the single mothers to Jesus Christ. She is thankful that He worked through her life to heal other hearts and minds.