A young boy in Colombia had no idea how his first school would shape his life.

Eduardo grew up in the La Playa area, on the outskirts of Barranquilla in northern Colombia. He ran around the slum with bare feet like the other children, one of a crowd of many.

When he was young, International Needs director Martha invited him to attend her church. While Eduardo wasn’t a Christian and didn’t really know much about God, he started attending the church regularly because he liked the feeling of belonging somewhere. People greeted him by name, and that made Eduardo feel proud somehow.

Around this time, Eduardo also started attending the International Needs Rose of Sharon school and discovered a lifelong passion for learning. He was a smart boy, but what really impressed his teachers was his determination to work hard. They knew they could count on Eduardo. When he graduated from high school he began working for the school as the mailman and errand boy.


Eduardo also enrolled in the university and began pursuing his teaching degree, using his salary to pay for his tuition. It was a hard path, but when he was discouraged, Eduardo had many people in his

Eduardo teaching
Eduardo teaching

life who encouraged him.

When he finished his teaching degree, Eduardo chose to teach at the Rose of Sharon school, where so much of his life and dreams had been shaped.

Today, Eduardo is the principal of the Rose of Sharon school. He loves his interactions with the children and seeing how a new idea or concept can light up the eyes and the world for a young person. Although he walks around as the principal, Eduardo hasn’t forgotten the little boy who started his journey at Rose of Sharon school not many years ago.