International Needs Czech Republic

International Needs Czech Republic was established in 1995 and is led by Petr Horacek, Executive Director

Areas of service include Gospel Outreach and Education.

The Czech Republic has a long and difficult history, with the effects of communism lingering in the hearts and minds of generations. As a result, a generation of young people is growing up disillusioned and apathetic. International Needs is focused on helping the country’s youth find the hope that only comes from knowing Jesus Christ.

Led by Executive Director Petr Horacek, INCZ empowers youth workers to minister the gospel to young people, communicating the message in a relevant and powerful way. What starts as public school lectures on sensitive teen subjects is followed up by events that encourage fellowship and provide an opportunity to share the gospel in a non-threatening and relational way. Give now to support the work of International Needs in the Czech Republic!

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Learn more about INCZ ministry by visiting the English language version of their website here.