In the midst of the political and social upheaval of the last few years, the Christian church has been both a target and a source of healing in the country of Egypt.

Many pastors and churches have suffered persecution at the hands of extremists and there is a great need for support for pastors who feel isolated and forgotten.

Many of the pastors who serve faithfully in Egypt also have little formal training. They are hungry for basic Bible training and inspirational teaching aimed at building their knowledgebase and spiritual formation.


International Needs reaches out to Egyptian pastors, as well as pastors from other locations in the

Church leaders gather for worship and teaching
Church leaders gather for worship and teaching

Middle East, with teaching seminars and educational materials for use in their churches.

Pastors are also invited to attend International Needs Seminary in a Suitcase events, which provide the opportunity to partner with American pastors to pray, learn, fellowship, and encourage each other.

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