When Dr. Jeff Kramer traveled to Ghana with an International Needs medical team, a meeting with an 8-year-old boy touched his heart and stayed with him long after the trip was over.

Because of the sheer number of patients needing treatment, there were only a few minutes to spend on each patient. On one of the busiest days of the medical clinic at Kanuwloe, Jeff noticed a boy lying on the cement outside the room where he was eating lunch. He asked a nurse if the boy was okay but didn’t get a clear picture of the situation until after lunch when the child appeared in Jeff’s treatment chair.

Jeff learned that the boy hadn’t eaten in three days. He was vomiting and had bloody diarrhea. His skin was burning up and he had 104 degree fever. When the appointment was over, he was too weak to even stand, and Jeff was very concerned. He got one of the few bags of saline the team had brought and prayed for the Lord’s help to put an IV in a tiny child whose veins were shriveled from dehydration. Putting an IV in a child was something he hadn’t done in years, nor had any other member of the team.

The Lord was faithful and the IV went in without a hitch. The little boy didn’t even flinch. A pint of

Dr. Kramer in Ghana
Dr. Kramer in Ghana

saline later, the boy left with a smile on his face and antibiotics in his pocket. He even had enough energy to enjoy a lollipop.

Jeff learned how one story can change your heart forever. When you see enormous suffering, it’s easy to feel like the problem is too big. But the Lord put this one boy in front of Jeff and changed both lives as only He can.

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