Francisca from Ghana

Francisca showing her police salute

A delightful young woman from Ghana, Francisca has eyes that sparkle with intelligence and creativity.

Back in junior high school, she earned excellent grades and graduated at the top of her class. But sadly, when it came time for Francisca to start senior high school, her family was unable to afford the fees.

A dutiful daughter, Francisca stayed home to help her mother with the family’s small fish-frying business. But in her heart, Francisca continued to nurture her dream of furthering her education.

By God’s grace, one day an unexpected path opened up to Francisca when she was admitted to the International Needs Vocational Training Center in Adidome.

Francisca approached her training in fashion design and dressmaking with passion, spending many extra hours perfecting her skills. Sometimes her back ached from leaning over her tasks, but she worked hard to master the art of sewing a wide variety of garments for all ages. Francisca graduated from the two-year certificate program excited to impact the world for good with the craft she had honed.



Her excellent grades helped open the door for a career in an unlikely place: law enforcement. As part of her duties as constable, Francisca supervises the sewing of police uniforms for the Ghana Police Force. Francisca earns a good salary, which she uses to assist her parents and to generously support her younger sister’s education.

Francisca’s wide smile and the proud pose she assumes when wearing her police uniform help communicate her gratitude for the Lord’s provision in her life—a provision that placed her on an unexpected but well-suited path for both her and the members of her family who rely on her support.

“By the Lord’s grace, my dream for an education and a future has come true,” says Francisca, beaming.

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