Eleazer from Ghana

Eleazer with his warm smile
Eleazer with his warm smile

As a young boy, Eleazer’s future was predetermined by birth.

Raised by his grandmother, a fetish priestess in their small Ghanaian village, Eleazer was trained to follow in her footsteps. He grew up deeply immersed in the occultist rituals of this traditional religion.

One day, an open air Christian crusade came to Eleazer’s community. It was dangerous for the 18-year-old fetish-priest-in-training to attend the meeting, but he went anyway.

The Lord worked through the events of the meeting and touched Eleazer’s heart. Before he left, he had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior over his life.

Eleazer joined the church planting team of the Ghanaian Methodist Church in Accra and received training as a youth counselor and evangelist.



To date, Eleazer has helped plant more than 20 churches throughout rural Accra. In his role with International Needs, he helps shepherd these churches toward maturity while continuing to spread the gospel to unreached people groups in Ghana’s rural areas.

Eleazer’s background as a former occultist and his hands-on evangelism experience place him in a unique position to reach unbelievers, encourage new believers, and shape effective future leaders.

Eleazer’s joyful spirit is a testament to how the Lord can completely transform a life—no matter how predetermined—and reimagine a bright new future in service of the gospel.

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