Bimli with her stolen smile
Bimli with her stolen smile

A little girl in India lost her smile and had it restored through education.

Seven-year-old Bimli lives in north India, in the Dehradun area with its breathtaking Himalayan views. When International Needs’ sponsorship staff met Bimli two years ago, her eyes betrayed a deep sadness.

Little Bimli’s father had just died. When her mother remarried, the child was left in the care of her grandfather.

Bimli was smart and eager to learn, but her grandfather couldn’t afford to send her to school. He was intensely devoted to his granddaughter, and it deeply grieved him to watch her mourn the loss of her mother’s care as well as the opportunity for a better future.

Where Bimli had once sported a big, beautiful smile, she now wore an expression of brokenhearted despair. She became known in her village as “the girl with the stolen smile.”

Determined to help, Bimli’s grandfather took her to the International Needs sponsorship program in Dehradun, one of India’s oldest cities.


As the pair explained their story, the staff empathized with their suffering and recognized Bimli’s

Bimli with her big, beautiful smile restored
Bimli with her big, beautiful smile restored

strong spirit and potential for success.

Bimli’s name was added to the child sponsorship program, and one day soon after an International Needs partner chose to sponsor her.

Hardly able to contain her excitement, Bimli embraced her new school with a rush of enthusiasm. She quickly made friends with the other children and immersed herself in the joy of learning.

A year later, when Bimli’s photo was taken at a school picnic, her face was beaming.

Bimli is now a healthy, happy, and thriving little girl. She continues to live in the care of her doting grandfather, who loved her enough to find a way to restore her hope for the future and her big, beautiful, smile.

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