Sometimes hope comes when you least expect it in the Kibera slum

Imagine you are a single mom to five children in the Kibera slum of Kenya. You work hard every day

Child enjoying meal
Child enjoying meal

from sun up to sun down and bring home around a dollar each day.

As you walk home this evening you know your children are hungry. There just simply wasn’t any food to eat yesterday and no money to buy any for today. The money you make simply isn’t enough for your family’s needs and food always seems to come last.

If the rent is late, your landlord shows up at your house and demands it immediately. Many times you have looked helplessly at your children as you gave precious money to the landlord that was desperately needed for food.

Now imagine the feeling of hope when your child is chosen to be part of the International Needs sponsorship program. You have hope that their future will be better because now you know they are getting a good education.


And a very tangible sign of hope is the friendly face that shows up at your door each month with a food hamper. Maize flour, beans, rice, and cooking oil. This precious food keeps your family going while you work to make things better.

Households Led by Children

Each month International Needs shares food baskets with over 110 families living in the Kibera slum.

A meal is not just a meal in Kibera
A meal is not just a meal in Kibera

46% of the population in Kenya lives below the poverty level, with the most vulnerable of them living in the slums.

Many households in Kibera are led by children because there are no parents in the picture and no relatives to step in and help.

In these situations, providing a food hamper is a way to share Jesus’ love in a tangible way and International Needs is thankful to be able to share with Kibera families in this way as they work to get back on their feet.

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