Lydia House empowers 44 at-risk young women per year through vocational and discipleship training.

Esther, Executive Director of International Needs Nepal, perseveres in her challenging role despite demanding long hours, hard decisions, treacherous journeys, and the heartbreak that comes from encounters with those who are hungry, homeless, outcast, and downtrodden.

In facing these challenges, Esther calls upon her own experience with poverty and prejudice.

“I know poverty, and so I understand the girls’ situation,” says Esther. “When the girls first come to Lydia House, they are very shy and don’t want to talk. They don’t look you in the eye. Sometimes they cry. Some have never seen a motorcycle or a bus. Some have never eaten a mushroom or an egg or a piece of fried fish in their entire life.”

“We tell the girls they aren’t secondary to men. We tell them they deserve education and healthcare IMG_4274.JPG and vocational training. We try to give them good things while they are here—a clean bed and a nice room. We show them the love of Christ. After a month, you see change in the girls. After five months, you hardly recognize them.”