Annet giving testimony

Born in a small Ugandan village, Annet was only nine years old when her father died. Her widowed mother struggled to support Annet and her three younger siblings.

Convinced that an education was central to her children’s future, she worked hard and made many sacrifices in order to afford the school fees for all four of her children.

But shortly after Annet finished primary school, her mother developed a chronic illness and was unable to continue working. As the oldest sibling, Annet felt responsible for the family’s welfare and assumed that she, like many of her peers, would have to quit school and begin working to support the family.

But Annet’s mother was adamantly against this.

In spite of her illness, she traveled to the local welfare office. There, she pleaded with the officers to help her find a way for her children to continue school.

By the Lord’s divine providence, the welfare office introduced Annet’s mother to International Needs.

International Needs agreed to help and secured sponsorship from a generous IN partner. Annet enrolled in high school secure in the knowledge that her school fees would be paid until she graduated.

Annet worked hard and earned excellent grades. In 2002, she graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in social administration. A few months later she landed a choice job as a senior probation officer for the local district government.

Before visiting the welfare office, Annet and her family did not know Christ. But through the sponsorship program, Annet was introduced to the Gospel message and accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. She shared her new faith with her family, and every family member eventually became a believer.

With the salary from her new job, Annet put her faith into action and generously paid the school fees for her younger siblings. When they graduated from university, all three secured good jobs.

Annet’s mother still struggles with poor health. But she is thankful to have four children who are gainfully employed and able to care for her. She joins Annet in being deeply grateful to God and to International Needs for bringing hope to their family during a time of crisis.

The whole family gives thanks for the fact that because an IN partner said “yes” to sponsoring one nine-year-old girl so many years ago, their entire family has broken free from the cycle of poverty and found new hope in Jesus.

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