One mom changed her own behavior and something remarkable happened with her children.

Teopista was a struggling young mother in Uganda. She could feel her children slipping away from her through emotional distance and rebellion.

Teopista was unapproachable to her children, using spanking, the only method she knew, to discipline them. She wanted the best for them, but the attempts to discipline only seemed to build higher walls between herself and them.

One day in August, Teopista was invited to a parenting talk at International Needs. She listened intently and realized that she was the root of the problem with her children.

Teopista courageously determined to change her own behavior. She began to listen to her children. She began to discipline them in a loving way. She began to lean on the Lord and create a godly environment for her children. And the results were astonishing.

Teopista’s children began to confide in her, sharing their ideas, their hopes, and their fears. The trust and mutual respect between mother and children has now caught the attention of neighbors, who

Teopista in Uganda
Teopista in Uganda

come to Teopista for advice on how they can be better parents.

Everybody loves to have something important to contribute to the world, and Teopista is glad to share the parenting advice she learned and the story of God’s faithfulness with all her neighbors.

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