Population: 14,638,505

Life expectancy at birth: 51.83 years

Religions: Protestant 75.3%, Roman Catholic 20.2%, other 2.7% (includes Muslim Buddhist, Hindu, and Baha’i), none 1.8% (2010 est.)

Languages: Zambia is said to have over 70 languages, although many of these may be considered dialects; all of Zambia’s major languages are members of the Bantu family (2010 est.)

Source: The World Factbook

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International Needs Zambia

Zambia gained its independence from Great Britain in 1964 and was under the one-party dictatorship of its first president until 1991. Growing corruption, economic collapse, and poverty prompted multi-party elections, which led to a change in government structure. The second president declared Zambia to be a Christian nation with freedom for other religions. The massive growth of evangelical churches is encouraging, but the devastation of AIDS overshadows every aspect of life in Zambia.

International Needs works to support all areas of Zambian society. The Misaka Home provides a place for orphans and vulnerable children to be loved, fed, and educated. FamCare educates pastors so they can return to their congregations to share the truth about how HIV is spread and share God’s plan for faithfulness in marriage. Church planters spread the good news of Jesus Christ through rough terrain and go into small villages where people are looking for hope in a very dark place.