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You Helped Many Experience the Light of Christ in 2022!

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Dear Friend,

Thank you for making an incredible difference across the IN Network. This year, because of your generosity, we were able to send more than 3 million dollars in support of programs and projects to 19 countries. That’s $522,000 MORE than last year. Incredible!

However, as you well know, it’s not about the dollars, but the people impacted by those dollars. This year that impact was phenomenal. People such as:

a Muslim Imam who accepts Jesus and changes an entire village

a Nepal community worker who treks the Himalayan mountains to reach a family who experiences the miraculous healing power of Christ and becomes the catalyst of a new church

a young man in Central Asia, using the anonymity of online evangelism, asking questions to which the gospel is the answer

a car load of deaf/mute Ukrainian refugees scarred by the ravages of war reaching the safety of Romania and finding a deaf ministry to care for them

Everywhere people saw and experienced the light of Christ. Every program and project demonstrated exactly what Jesus encouraged in the Gospel of John.

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

This year, individuals in unprecedented numbers saw the truth and experienced the reality of that scripture. As you read through this report, I trust you will also see that truth.

The courageous faith and dedication of our partners all around this Network we call IN, inspires me, challenges me, and fills me with renewed optimism.

Thanks for being a part of 2022 and for making everything in this report possible. I know I speak for every one of our partners when I say you are loved and appreciated deeply.


Jeff Johnson

President International Needs, USA

  • Gospel Outreach

    Sharing the gospel is a part of everything we do because we believe Jesus is able to transform lives and change communities.

    Besides evangelism and church planting, every program and project implemented by International Needs includes a clear presentation of the gospel.

    Through Your Support in 2022

    • 245 evangelistic outreaches

    • 110 workers placed in the field to spread the gospel

    • 128 pastors trained in areas where access to the gospel is restricted

    • 55,000 pieces of biblical literature distributed

    2022 Highlights

    • In Turkey, their digital outreach platforms have 2,400 active followers. 162 have enrolled in an online Bible correspondence course.
    • In Nepal, a Bible-based Equip, Empower, and Mobilize training program trained 46 individuals in outreach and evangelism.
    • In Burkina Faso, crusades to unreached tribal groups have reached 25,000 people with the gospel message. This includes a Muslim holy man who now follows Jesus and is impacting his village for Christ.
    • In Egypt, a pastors conference equipped and encouraged 120 pastors. The IN Egypt Bible School has graduated 36 new pastors and released them to begin church planting activities.

    "In 2022, the regional fellowships have been proud and satisfied when organizing Christmas evangelistic meetings, inviting many friends to attend. See the numbers: Church name withheld: 500 friends are invited to attend, 200 people believed in God; Church name withheld: 200 friends invited, 120 people believed in God; Church name withheld: 160 people invited, 60 believed in God; and Church name withheld: invited 40 friends, 40 believe in God. Thank God, after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, we thought the evangelism was stopped, but in 2022 God gave a great blessing for His House."

    Report from IN Vietnam

  • Economic Empowerment

    International Needs provides Christ-centered empowerment programs, assisting vulnerable individuals in learning marketable skills, having the opportunity to start a small business, and live free from the risks of human trafficking and abuse.

    We prioritize programs to assist vulnerable women and refugees with an opportunity to gain a brighter future.

    Through Your Support in 2022

    • 1,500+ individuals were equipped with a skill and/or vocational training: 70% were women
    • 162 pastor families received income generation training and support
    • 450 refugees and displaced persons received skills training for income generation activities
    • 52 saving groups were formed and 485 income generation support grants were distributed

    2022 Highlights

    • In Nepal, the Lydia Women’s Empowerment Program graduated 52 trainees. As part of the program, each participant received special training in the areas of pro-life awareness, human-trafficking prevention, and gender-based violence. All have returned to their villages to begin livelihood projects.
    • In Ghana, the Center for Empowerment and Enterprise Development (CEED) trained 99 women in the areas of fashion design, hospitality, and cosmetology. 33 have already obtained nationally-recognized skills training certifications.
    • In Egypt, Syrian and Sudanese refugees have received skills training courses in mobile phone repair, computers, and hairdressing. In addition, 190 poor Egyptian families have received training and income generation loans.
    • In Kenya, 12 youth have graduated from the Young Entrepreneur Mentoring Program. All have gone on to start their own businesses.

    “When I was selected to join YEMP, I was excited since it’s a lifetime opportunity to focus on a life of self-reliance.”

    Graduate from the entrepreneur school in Kenya

    She is learning basic things such as parts of the computer, typing, simple excel formulas, etc. She is excited and hopes to explore more from future classes. Though she is from a Hindu background, she always attends the devotion. She loves listening to hymns and the word of God. She says, “At first I felt a bit uncomfortable but now I enjoy the fellowship.”

    Lydia Trainee

  • Education

    Empowering children, students, and adults through education is the key to a bright and productive future. Our education initiatives include a focus on Jesus Christ, increasing the opportunities for individuals to transform communities in the name of Jesus.

    Education programs include child sponsorship, school facilities, technology tools, teacher support, and scholarships for post-secondary school students.

    Through Your 2022 Support

    • 1,878 students received educational assistance
    • 3 group assistance programs were launched, providing education support for 72 children
    • 200 Burkina Faso refugee children were supported with fees to attend school
    • 7 Christian schools supported by IN country ministries

    2022 Highlights

    • In Ghana, a scholarship program was launched, providing post-secondary education opportunities to 39 students.
    • In Bangladesh, a second drop-in-center was opened, now serving 100 children trapped in bonded labor.
    • In Colombia, a roof was constructed to provide shelter for the school courtyard. In addition, a classroom expansion was completed, allowing 50 more children to attend Rose of Sharon School.
    • In Czech Republic, a team of 33 workers reached 70,000 young people in schools with life skills training and conducted 8,000+ follow up activities.
    • In India, Turkey, and Slovakia, more than 2,500 children participated in Christian-focused summer camps.

    Rose grew up in Sano Diyo “A Little Lighthouse”, a community center under the care of Prasanna and Arpana Khaling for the last 18 years. Today, she has completed high school. She has gone back to the same village where she came from to be a light and shine there for Jesus. She is not just a light to the community now, but she is also helping and training other children from similar backgrounds to be a light and be a blessing to transform lives.

  • Health and Sanitation

    When a person has access to basic healthcare, safe drinking water, and sanitation, everything about their life is improved.

    International Needs works to provide, within the context of a clear Christian witness, access to basic healthcare, clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education to communities where vulnerable people live.

    Through Your 2022 Support

    • 3,448 people were provided with basic healthcare services
    • 33,170 individuals were given access to a clean water source through new village-based water and sanitation services
    • Nutrition education and food support was provided to 4,750 children

    2022 Highlights

    • In Uganda, a water well and toilet blocks were constructed in four IN sponsored schools.
    • In Burkina Faso, the IN health clinic served over 33,000 patients and provided 1,100 Mothers with medically assisted childbirth.
    • In Bangladesh, 76 children trapped in bonded labor received weekly healthcare and nutrition support.
    • In Egypt, 12 men were enrolled in a Christ-centered addiction rehab ministry.

    "We set up Love Medicine Cabinets for churches in the countryside to help poor believers and friends who are sick but can’t afford to buy medicine or they are far from pharmacies and hospitals. People often go to these church medicine cabinets to ask for medicine. On this occasion, we help them and have the opportunity to testify about God’s love for them. We invite them to attend the big evangelistic meetings organized by the church and many believe in the Lord.

    Report from IN Vietnam

  • Refugees and Relief

    International Needs works with our partners to provide support for refugees who are seeking a place of security and a chance to begin again. When disaster strikes, resources are able to respond directly to the needs experienced by the affected communities.

    This year, in response to the Ukraine conflict, International Needs mobilized emergency resources to provide life sustaining food support, shelter, education, and integration assistance for Ukrainian refugees crossing the borders in Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania. This emergent relief opened unprecedented opportunities for gospel presentation.

    Through Your 2022 Support

    • 5,750 refugees received assistance
    • 476 refugee and displaced children were provided educational assistance
    • 1,200 Ukrainian refugee families were provided accommodations after fleeing Ukraine

    2022 Highlights

    • From Slovakia and Romania, each month more than 35 tons of material support is being convoyed into the conflict zones of Ukraine.
    • In Egypt, 100 Syrian and Sudanese refugees are being provided with vocational skills training.
    • In Burkina Faso, due to the terror induced conflict, 200 internally displaced children have been given schooling.
    • In Colombia, 120 Venezuelan families are supported with food, immigration assistance, housing, spiritual counseling, and education support for their children.
    • In Turkey, IN staff regularly enter Syrian refugee camps to pray and encourage the refugees.

    After the terrorist attack on their village where she lost everything, a 10-year-old girl followed
    the crowd on foot to the town of Tougan. From there she begged a bus driver to take her to Bobo because her father had an acquaintance there. When she arrived, she found someone who knew this person and used his phone to call her father’s friend. This man lives where the IN Burkina Faso school is. The girl came, told her story, and we were able to enroll her in school.

    Report of 10-year-old girl from Gassan (a village in Burkina Faso)