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An Unprecedented Year!

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Thank You!

You’ve heard it over and over again, 2020 was a challenging year. Our partners faced things they never faced before.

While the challenges were indeed unprecedented, through your support the solutions and opportunities were also unprecedented. I am reminded of the scripture in Hebrews chapter 10: “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering for He who promised is faithful.”

It is undeniable that many of us, including our partners around the world, had to experience hardships we never would have dreamed of a year before. But even in the midst of that, I think we can grab hold of the truth that God is faithful.

We saw that to be true at International Needs. Due to your incredible generosity, we had one of the best ministry years we have ever had. That was indeed a great blessing because the needs of our partners around the world were greater than ever. True to God’s faithfulness, your generosity matched the needs of our partners and we were we were able to supply them what they desperately needed!

On the pages of this report you’ll see some highlights and statistics related to our work. Here a few snippets:

- Open doors for evangelism materialized like never before
- Empowerment programs supported people greatly in need of financial support
- Water and sanitation programs flowed to communities that didn’t have freshwater
- Creative educational and discipleship materials were developed to get information to people that otherwise would have been isolated

The list could go on and on. It is my hope that you will enjoy the highlights and statistics outlined in this annual report. While it is not comprehensive, I know you will come away with a renewed conviction that for our partners around the world He who promised was indeed faithful.

You were the demonstration of the faithfulness of God in 2020 and I am so grateful for that. Enjoy what you will experience on the pages of this report!


Jeff Johnson, President
International Needs

Below are a few highlights of what you helped make possible:

  • Gospel Outreach

    Sharing the Gospel is a part of everything we do because we believe Jesus is able to transform lives and change communities.

    International Needs devotes a significant amount of our evangelistic efforts in the most unreached and closed places to the gospel around the world.

    Through Your Support in 2020

    • Over 11,000 people in Burkina Faso heard the gospel for the very first time. More than 450 committed their life to Christ.
    • A young woman named Rebeka received Christ at an International Needs summer camp and now leads the IN Turkey Next Generation ministry
    • 126 gospel workers in 14 countries actively spread the good news of Jesus Chris
    • Evangelism efforts continued among four unreached people group
    • 3,700 people in 10 countries participated in discipleship trainin
    • 275 pastors received biblical training

    2020 Highlights

    • Over 11,000 people in Burkina Faso heard the gospel for the very first time. More than 450 committed their life to Christ.
    • 370 children from the Chala least reached people group in Ghana started attending a weekly Awana program.
    • Life in Christ magazine, published in Egypt, reached more than 2,500 Christian leaders throughout the Middle East.
    • More than 2,500 people started attending discipleship house fellowships through the efforts of Nepalese community workers.
    • 461 people from least reached people groups in Ghana viewed The Jesus Film.
    • In Slovakia, the number of people attending online church services grew to five times greater than the number of people who were attending in person.
  • Education

    Empowering children, students and adults through education is the key to a bright and productive future. Our education initiatives include a focus on Jesus Christ, increasing the opportunities for individuals to transform communities in the name of Jesus. Education programs include child sponsorship, school facilities, technology tools, teacher support, and scholarships for post- secondary school students.

    Through Your 2020 Support

    • 1,825 primary and secondary school children received an education
    • 11 schools were supported in five countries in Africa, Asia, and South America
    • 6 students participated in higher education initiatives
    • 35 students attended Bible school

    2020 Highlights

    While the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to close, our partners continued to provide educational support in a variety of creative ways.

    • In Ghana more than 1,300 students attended village based reading clubs after their schools were closed due to pandemic related restrictions.
    • In Kenya, homework clubs were launched for 500 children in Kibera to continue their learning.
    • Rose of Sharon School in Colombia added a 3rd floor to the school building to comply with government mandated distancing restrictions.
    • In India, staff developed an internet based home school to continue the education of students whose schools were closed.
    • In Bangladesh, the Naogoan School was completed and furnished. As a result, 300 vulnerable children now have access to education. The School also provides a boarding school option for 50 children rescued from bonded labor.
  • Economic Empowerment

    International Needs provides Christ centered empowerment programs, assisting vulnerable individuals in learning marketable skills, having the opportunity to start a small business, and live free from the risks of human trafficking and abuse. We prioritize programs to assist vulnerable women and refugees with an opportunity to gain a brighter future.

    Through Your 2020 Support

    • 11 women graduated and 43 new trainees were accepted in the Lydia Vocational Training program in Nepal.
    • 115 women were equipped with vocational skills at the Center for Empowerment and Enterprise Development (CEED) in Ghana.
    • 79 vulnerable families and 245 refugees received skills training and enterprise development support in Egypt.

    2020 Highlights

    • Despite Covid restrictions forcing the temporary closure of the Lydia center 11 women still graduated from the program. More than 25 other students continued their training remotely.
    • 12 teens in Kenya received entrepreneurial training, equipping them to begin small income generating businesses.
    • The vocational training center in Egypt was designated a top training center by the Egyptian government.
    • Reconstruction of the CEED dining hall in Ghana began!
  • Health and Sanitation

    When a person has access to basic healthcare, safe drinking water, and sanitation, everything about their life is improved.

    International Needs works to provide, within the context of a clear Christian witness, access to basic healthcare, clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education to communities where vulnerable people live.

    Through Your 2020 Support

    • More than 3,000 people were provided with basic health care through medical and dental outreaches.
    • 1,500 people benefited from village based water and sanitation projects.
    • 6,000 people (50% of them children) received disease prevention education.

    2020 Highlights

    • A medical team provided basic health care to 2,454 people in six villages in Ghana.
    • A medical, optical, and dental outreach served 900 vulnerable people in Colombia.
    • A new water well provided 500 people in a remote Zambian village with access to clean water for the very first time.
    • 244 people were treated for water borne illness in Burkina Faso.
  • Refugees and Relief

    International Needs works with our partners to provide support for refugees who are seeking a place of security and a chance to begin again. When disaster strikes, resources are mobilized and sent to our partners so they are able to respond directly to the needs experienced by the affected communities. This year, due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for relief through food security, illness prevention, and cleaning supplies was urgent. International Needs mobilized emergency resources to provide life sustaining food support to people experiencing COVID-19 related hardship. This emergent relief opened unprecedented opportunities for gospel presentation.

    Through Your 2020 Support

    • 4,000 refugees were supported in four countries.
    • 25,000 individuals received food, cleaning supplies, and protective equipment to combat the global pandemic.
    • Disaster relief was mobilized, assisting 2,450 individuals impacted by environment disasters in Colombia, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Nepal.

    2020 Highlights

    • More than $150,000 of food support was distributed in 14 countries over 4 months in support of to COVID-19 impacted communities.
    • In the La Playa community of Colombia, immense flooding left many families struggling. Food baskets were distributed to 800 families, including Venezuelan refugees.
    • Rent support was provided to 100 Kenya families living in the Kibera slum who lost their income due to COVID-19 related restrictions.
    • 125 Sudanese refugee children gathered in a playground in Cairo, Egypt to enjoy a day playing, singing, and hearing about a Heavenly Father who loves them.