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I received a video link from a humanitarian organization doing similar work to ours. The video (put out by a secular news organization) outlined ten crises to watch in 2022.

The reporter closed the video by saying, “It’s our job to point out some of the world’s greatest wrongs. It’s also our job to point out how they could be made right.” She went on to say, “Who knows, maybe we’ll even find a positive trend or two to open the year.”

At International Needs, we did find a positive trend or two. In fact, more than we could have even imagined.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”
Ephesians 3:20

That scripture reflects our year at International Needs. In the pages of this annual report you will find more than a positive trend or two. You will find stories and evidence of thousands of individuals experiencing true life brought about by the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Our partners were undaunted in their task. Courageously, they dove headlong into their ministries. Taking the incredible power and anointing of Jesus Christ himself, they made a huge difference. Their impacts were living proof of that Scripture.

As you review this report that summarizes the activities of 2021, I hope you will indeed see the transformation that was occurring for thousands of individuals throughout the IN Network. More than we could have even imagined.

It gives me renewed optimism as we dive headlong into this year. Thanks for being a part of this incredible journey. Enjoy the report and pray with me that there will be even more incredible change ahead for thousands more in 2022.


Jeff Johnson, President
International Needs

Below are a few highlights of what you helped make possible:

  • Gospel Outreach

    Sharing the Gospel is a part of everything we do because we believe Jesus is able
    to transform lives and change communities.

    International Needs devotes a significant amount of our evangelistic efforts in the
    most unreached and closed places to the gospel around the world.

    Through Your Support in 2021

    • 360,549 who heard the gospel
    • 175 dedicated evangelistic outreaches
    • 108,000+ conversions
    • 10,212 pastors and Christian leaders trained
    • 30,240 Bibles and pieces of discipleship literature distributed

    2021 Highlights

    • Despite a very unstable security situation within Burkina Faso, the IN team conducted 4 evangelistic campaigns where more than 23,000 heard the gospel and 3,200 publicly professed their faith in Jesus Christ.
    • In Turkey, more than 7,400 individuals were reached with the gospel message through online evangelism.
    • Phan (IN Vietnam evangelist) reached more than 100 people with the gospel and passed out more than 200 tracts in 3 months to people in remote Vietnamese villages.
    • More than 1,700 children from the Chala least reached people group in Ghana attended Awana clubs.

    “Together with the deaf brothers, we organized a camp in Șiștarovăț in September. During this camp, besides the deaf brothers and sisters in the church, other people from outside the church participated and had the opportunity to hear the Word of God and to receive the Lord in their hearts. The purpose of the camp was to evangelize, socialize and integrate deaf people into society.”
    - Samule Gorgan, IN Romania

  • Economic Empowerment

    International Needs provides Christ centered empowerment programs, assisting
    vulnerable individuals in learning marketable skills, having the opportunity to
    start a small business, and live free from the risks of human trafficking and abuse.

    We prioritize programs to assist vulnerable women and refugees with an
    opportunity to gain a brighter future.

    Through Your Support in 2021

    • 900 individuals were equipped with a form of skill or vocational training
    • 72% of those trained were women
    • 148 pastors provided with sustained livelihood through skills training

    2021 Highlights

    • 39 ladies graduated from the IN Nepal Lydia Vocational Training program. They are now back in their villages beginning business and contributing to ministries within their local churches.
    • 124 trainees from the IN Ghana Center for Empowerment and Enterprise Development completed certificate courses in hospitality, cosmetology, and fashion design.
    • 40 impoverished families in Egypt received microfinance loans and have now started businesses.
    • 15 young adults received business training in the IN Kenya Young Entrepreneur Mentorship Program. All have now initiated small businesses.

    “While at work, Lofty fell and badly injured his leg and was no longer able to work. How was he to provide for is wife and 5 children? His wife prayed; to the Lord of the Christians. The Lord heard those prayers! Lofty was given an economic empowerment loan and opened a small shop selling groceries. His business has been a success, his leg is healing, and he no longer feels helpless. To Lofty and his family, the loan was a practical testament to the Lord and His faithfulness!”

    - Nathan Bassaly, IN Egypt

  • Education

    Empowering children, students and adults through education is the key to a bright and productive future. Our education initiatives include a focus on Jesus Christ, increasing the opportunities for individuals to transform communities in the name of Jesus.

    Education programs include child sponsorship, school facilities, technology tools, teacher support, and scholarships for post-secondary school students.

    Through Your 2021 Support

    • 1,926 students received educational assistance
    • 402 individuals attended Bible school
    • 3,760 children attended informal Bible school education

    2021 Highlights

    • Rose of Sharon School in Colombia provided online education to more than 300 students during the Covid imposed community lockdowns.
    • Naogaon Free School in Bangladesh opened a new building, serving 325 students. Forty of those students were rescued from bonded labor and live in the residential section of the school.
    • The IN Bangladesh Drop-in Center continues to provide basic education to more than 35 children from the slums of Dhaka who are employed in bonded labor.
    • In India, more than 600 impoverished village kids in 10 village schools received free education.

    "Since we joined the program, the burden on our parents has reduced. We have stayed in school and focused more on our studies. Our participation in activities organized by International Needs has given us the opportunity to network with students from other schools and educated us on how to handle various situations that affect adolescents. The career and guidance program help us choose our future career.”
    - Two sponsored brothers in Ghana

  • Health and Sanitation

    When a person has access to basic healthcare, safe drinking water, and sanitation, everything about their life is improved.

    International Needs works to provide, within the context of a clear Christian witness, access to basic healthcare, clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education to communities where vulnerable people live.

    Through Your 2021 Support

    • 3,750 were provided with basic medical assistance
    • 6,280 individuals received access to clean water and basic sanitation
    • More than 8,000 children received preventive health care

    2021 Highlights

    • Food support was provided to more than 15,000 individuals across the IN Network in response to ongoing Covid lockdowns.
    • A water, sanitation, and health initiative provided clean water, sanitation and hygiene education to 1,250 people in an Ugandan village.
    • Potable, piped water was extended to a remote village in Ghana giving over 500 people access to clean water.

    "We have commissioned the first well of WASH project in Bujaaya village. Mothers have witnessed that it will save the time they have been spending on long journeys for water. It will protect their children, especially girls, from abuse and accidents. And they are glad that the well has clean, safe water.”
    - Justus Miwanda, IN Uganda

  • Refugees and Relief

    International Needs works with our partners to provide support for refugees who are seeking a place of security and a chance to begin again. When disaster strikes, resources are mobilized and sent to our partners so they are able to respond directly to the needs experienced by the affected communities.

    This year, due to the impacts of the Covid pandemic, the need for relief through food security, illness prevention, and cleaning supplies was urgent. International Needs mobilized emergency resources to provide life sustaining food support to people experiencing Covid related hardship. This emergent relief opened unprecedented opportunities for gospel presentation.

    Through Your 2021 Support

    • 5,760 refugees were supported
    • 29,450 individuals received disaster relief support
    • 3,275 refugee children were supported and provided basic educational services

    2021 Highlights

    • 40 Venezuelan refugee families received material support and reintegration assistance by the IN Colombia staff.
    • 50 Syrian and Sudanese refugees received skills through the IN Egypt vocational training program.
    • 950 refugees living in displacement camps were provided material support by IN Turkey ministries.

    "Shoe4Souls is a summer project for Syrian refugee and local kids in Turkey. This year, 104 kids received their own boxes that included a new pair of shoes, face masks, snacks, a Bible, an ABC workbook, and evangelism materials. Farid, was in disbelief to get his first new brand shoes. He shared that most of the shoes he wore, and even the slippers he was wearing, were either found from the garbage or worn shoes from family members. He was grateful and looked forward to working on his Bible and ABC workbook this summer.”
    - Antuan, IN Turkey