Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a Child

When a person's most basic needs are met, they have the best opportunity for success. One of the most meaningful ways you can help children is by providing them with the tools and support to learn and to grow. By providing them with access to education, opportunity is unlocked and children become empowered to take charge of their lives. We believe every child deserves an education. For as little as $38/month, you can give a child that and so much more.

  • Kenya 8 years old


    I love to read story books. I love to hear about Jesus.

    About Gabriel
  • Ghana 12 years old


    I like playing football and doodling and I like running errands with my mom.

    About Edem
  • Ghana 10 years old


    I like to draw!

    About Elorm
  • Ghana 15 years old


    I like playing ampe and singing!

    About Cecilia
  • Ghana 16 years old


    I love to sing and dance! Math and science are my favorite subjects.

    About Sandra
  • Kenya 9 years old


    I love to draw and color. I like to skip rope and run with my friends.

    About Dorcas
  • Nepal 10 years old


    Hi, I'm Karishma! I like to sing and dance.

    About Karishma
  • Kenya 10 years old


    I enjoy playing soccer! My favorite subjects in school are math and English.

    About Daniel
  • India 10 years old


    Hi, I'm Aniketh! I love playing cricket and football! My favorite foods are bread and eggs.

    About Aniketh
  • India 8 years old


    Hi, I'm Dev! I love running races and eating noodles!

    About Dev
  • Kenya 11 years old


    I enjoy playing football. I love to learn Swahili and English. I help my mom by fetching our water.

    About Willy
  • Bangladesh 10 years old


    Hi, I'm Chaitonno! I like to play badminton and cricket.

    About Chaitonno
  • Bangladesh 9 years old


    Hi, I'm Sajib! I like playing football and Bengali is my favorite subject in school.

    About Sajib
  • Zambia 9 years old


    I like Mathematics and skipping!

    About Maureen
  • Zambia 12 years old


    I like to help my mother by sweeping the room, I also like to read.

    About Beste
  • Zambia 9 years old


    I like playing with toys.

    About Winny
  • Zambia 14 years old


    I like to read and help my mom with chores.

    About Mary
  • Zambia 18 years old


    I like playing soccer and math is my favorite subject.

    About Christopher
  • Uganda 10 years old


    I love playing dodge ball! English is my favorite subject in school.

    About Patricia
  • Uganda 8 years old


    I love to play ball games. I like to count!

    About Ruth
  • Uganda 17 years old


    I love to play dodge ball. I help at home by fetching water.

    About Milly
  • Uganda 18 years old


    I love to skip rope! I help around home by washing dishes and getting water.

    About Molly
  • Philippines 12 years old


    I like to read books and my favorite subject is Filipino.

    About Maria
  • Philippines 18 years old


    I like acting and my favorite subject is English.

    About Victor
  • Colombia 16 years old


    Hi, I'm Paula! I like to play volleyball and listen to music!

    About Paula
  • Colombia 15 years old


    Hi, I'm Samin! My favorite subject is English and I like to play soccer with my friends.

    About Samin
  • Colombia 15 years old


    Hi, I'm Daniela! I like science and I love spending time with my grandparents.

    About Daniela
  • Colombia 14 years old


    Hi, I'm Elida! I like to listen to music and play with my friends at school.

    About Elida
  • Ghana 21 years old


    Hi, I'm Hellen! I love math and English!

    About Hellen
  • Ghana 13 years old


    Hi, I'm Seth! I like school and my favorite subject is English

    About Seth
  • Ghana 13 years old


    Hi, I'm Miriam! I like playing ampe with my friends!

    About Miriam
  • Ghana 17 years old


    Hi, I'm Raymond. I love to study science and math.

    About Raymond

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