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Czech Republic

A Boy Was Taken To The Hospital

How support from people like you helped a group of students learn the dangers of alcohol abuse

From time to time, the schools will ask the Healthy Youth Workers to discuss specific topics based on recent events and the needs of students. This kind of request has potential to lead to very powerful discussion because the kids are already having conversations and asking questions about these different things.

In one of the schools, a boy was taken to the hospital for acute intoxication (alcohol poisoning). Although this is unfortunately a common problem, it never fails to spark curiosity in the students. In response to the event, IN Czech Republic youth worker Pavel Kotoucek was asked to discuss the dangers of alcohol. The school staff hoped that this would bring some answers and insight for the class.

Having carefully prepared his lecture, he arrived at the school ready to begin. To his surprise, Kotoucek quickly realized that he had forgotten his presentation at home! After taking a second to compose himself, he addressed the class unsure of how it would go.

As the Holy Spirit led, Pavel began telling stories from his own life experience that fit the theme, and to his amazement, the kids were all listening closely to every detail. Eventually, the kids began sharing stories of their own including the incident with their classmate. They had great conversation about alcohol abuse and the many dangers that come with it.

By the end of class, God had redeemed what started with a missing presentation and turned it into a great learning experience for everyone, one that would even solicit the praise of the teacher who said, “I have never experienced a better lecture before.”

Giving from people like you allows conversations like these help inform the students and bring insight! Thank you!