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A Celebration of Education

How people like you made it possible for a Venezuelan family to find educational support and a loving community

Left without teachers, Lucia Antonia Colina desperately was looking for a place to put her children when the conditions in Venezuela continued to get worse. The teachers had left the country. She didn’t know where to go, nor where to turn. So Lucia decided to head for Colombia.

When Lucia and her family came to Colombia, they found Rose of Sharon. Here Lucia’s children, Omar and Anibal, get to participate in different activities and maintain their education. Lucia is now supporting her family through selling food and helping at the school.

With better living conditions and a safe, healthy school atmosphere, Omar and Anibal are able to continue their future in school and grow in many different ways. They are very grateful to God and for people like you for how they have been provided for.

As Rose of Sharon celebrated the Independence Day of Venezuela this past month, they were able to invite each and every Venezuelan family to attend the celebration. Colombian staff greeted them lovingly and devoted this day to remind them of their culture by cooking certain foods, hosting services, and even singing their national anthem.

Thanks to people like you, families like Lucia’s are supported and loved. They no longer have to live in danger or in need. They get to walk alongside others with similar pasts.