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A Foot Healed and a Life Saved

How Bertha in Ghana went from almost losing her foot to healthy, healed, and running around with her friends

12 year-old Bertha could hardly walk.

It started with a boil and then complications and a severe infection. Bertha was in so much pain and her family couldn’t afford to take her to the doctor. It looked like Bertha was going to lose her whole left foot.

It is hard to even imagine how afraid Bertha was feeling. How alone. How hopeless. But the Lord had other plans for Bertha and He worked through people just like you.

A team of people from churches in the US was visiting Bertha’s community. They were working with the community to reduce schistosomiasis, a disease caused by parasitic flatworms. Bertha showed up to participate. A nurse on the team took one look at Bertha and realized the little girl was in trouble and needed help fast.

Bertha’s foot was carefully examined and she was brought to a nearby hospital for treatment.

What was happening to Bertha was treatable. She didn’t have to lose her foot after all!

Today, Bertha is fully healed! She went through two months of intensive treatment. Now she is back at school, running around and playing with her friends.

Thank you for allowing the Lord to work through you in ways you never imagined. Your heart for people in Ghana is making a big difference!