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A Little Boy Had Nothing to Eat

You gave Samuel and his family emergency meals when they had nowhere else to turn

Samuel was desperate. When the coronavirus hit,
his community in the Kibera slum in Kenya was shut down.

Samuel’s family had nothing to eat and he knew he had to do something.

You gave Samuel the help he needed — and at just the right time!

Samuel was an eager and faithful attendee at the International Needs Bible clubs each Saturday. But one Saturday he walked to Bible club as usual and it was closed. Samuel was worried.

You see, his family was in trouble.

Samuel’s father was bedridden and too ill to work. His mother worked hard washing clothes for wealthy families, but the coronavirus lock-down made it impossible for her to get to her customers.

Samuel’s family had no food left to eat and no way to buy more.

So when Samuel found the Bible club closed that Saturday, he walked all the way to the International Needs head office.

This long walk was hard for Samuel. He was born with a physical challenge that makes walking difficult.

But Samuel knew he had to get help for his family. After the long walk to the office, Samuel was devastated to find the office closed. It was Saturday.

But then Samuel ran into Millicent, the volunteer cook at his Bible club. And Millicent knew something was wrong.

She had no idea how Samuel was able to walk all the way to the office.

Millicent asked Samuel why he made the long trek, and his answer broke her heart. His family was hungry and he didn’t know what else to do.

But Millicent knew how to help Samuel. And your generous giving made this help possible.

You will be glad to know that Millicent connected with the staff and sent Samuel home with enough food for his whole family. Samuel was so thankful!

Right now, the world is going through a crisis. And you chose to give to help families like Samuel’s. Families you don’t even know. That is a remarkable step of faith and generosity.

You were a lifeline for so many families around the world, including Samuel’s. Thank you!