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A Young Boy Was Out of Options

How Anum’s educational path started and continued because someone like you believed in him

John Anum Tetteh started attending the IN Amrahia Community School when he was in kindergarten. Today he is pursuing doctoral studies in Analytical Chemistry.

Anum, (meaning fifth boy) as he is affectionately known, had it quite tough growing up. He was the youngest of eight children. His father, a peasant farmer and his mother, a petty trader, could hardly even meet his basic needs.

Anum was thrilled when he learned he would begin school at Amrahia Community School. He was a smart boy and so eager to learn. He was part of the child sponsorship program - he had a sponsor to exchange letters with and to share his progress. He also got to learn about Jesus Christ in an educational program that was Christ-centered.

After Anum finished at the Amrahia school, he was at a crossroads. He was intelligent, hard working, and had proven he had what it takes to continue his studies. But Anum’s family didn’t have the money to send him to high school.

Anum lived with his older sister at this point and they were trying to figure out a back up plan if he couldn’t continue school. Then one day the phone rang and there was great news! The Lord had provided! Because of Anum’s excellent scores in the Basic Education Certificate exam, he had received a full scholarship from IN Ghana to continue his studies!

Throughout his four-year studies in high school, Anum volunteered at the Amrahia Community School during his vacations. He loved helping the younger children with their studies.

Anum graduated from high school and got his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. He proceeded through a Master’s program and today is pursuing his doctorate in Analytical Chemistry. All because someone like you believed in him!

We are so thankful for the many people who sponsor children like Anum. This is a powerful and profound way to impact a child’s future. Thank you for your love for the Lord and your passion to support ministry in Ghana. You are making a big difference!