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A Young Boy’s Family Was Going to Lose Their Home

You provided help just in time so they had a safe place to live

You helped 13-year-old James and his family stay in their home during the pandemic.

James and his family were in trouble. They were about to lose their home.

When Covid-19 hit Kenya, James’s dad was sent home from his job as a security guard. Indefinitely.

James wondered how his family would get by. Things were already tight in the single room where they lived. Now the landlord threatened to kick them out of even that small space!

Where would they live? The whole area was locked down because of the pandemic and they had no money coming in.

But there’s great news! You helped James and his family get through this difficult time.

You provided emergency rent support so they had a safe place to live!

The joy this family experienced through you was an incredible blessing in a hard time. They are thankful and give glory to God for the help that came just at the right time.

Thank you for helping James and his family in such a tough time!