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Czech Republic

A Young Girl Cutting Herself

Your support made it possible for a girl named Anna to share her secret and seek help

This story was shared by youth worker Petr Kadlec in response to one of his school based lectures on cyber bullying:

“A young girl approached me, ‘Teachers called it bullying. But I started to cut myself. It was a relief. But there was a problem. It took only a short time, so I had to do it again and again and deeper and deeper. That was the time when I felt a little bit better. But on the other hand, I had to wear long sleeves, so not that cool in the summer.’ This is how a thirteen-year-old Anna shared her story with me.

“You have a scar on your body that does not come from a surgery.” After my comment about the scar, Anna suddenly stopped and said quietly, ‘How can he know?’ Then tears filled her eyes.

“I talked to her during the break to see if everything was all right. Finally, we agreed that she would try to write her story. I told her that trying to leave her pain on the paper could help her, and I promised to pray for her.

“Now she has written to me, ‘When I was writing my story, I admit it was not a pleasure, but I’m glad I’ve done it.’”

Petr Kadlec is presently working on creating Youtube videos about self-harm. He is continuing to follow up with this young girl. Thank you for making it possible for Anna to begin to heal through sharing her story!