Sponsor A Child


All I Can Say Is That I Thank God

How you brought hope and opportunity to Prince and his family

Prince and his two younger siblings’ father died when they were very young.

This left the three of them with their mother, until she chased them away so that she could start over with a new husband. This ultimately left the three children without a home.

Along with losing their home and both parents, the children had to stop going to school because they could not afford to.

Because of someone like you, Prince was sponsored and began attending 6th grade at the local school.

Around the same time a relative of his offered a place for him and his two siblings to live. No having reached the end of his schooling, Prince has this to say:

“Even today I have a hard time believing everything that has happened in my life so far. Life taught me at a young age that as an orphan I could not become anything.

“I remember my siblings and I left all alone with nowhere to go.

“But God brought us support through International Needs sponsorship. He helped me get an education and today I have passed my exams and have a school certificate.

“With the proper resource, I hope to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming an engineer. I cannot thank International Needs enough for what they have done for me. I pray that more children will have an opportunity as I have had. All I can say is that I thank God.”

Thanks to supporters like you, Prince and many other children are able to have a future and a hope in Jesus Christ! Thank you for making this possible! You are truly making a difference!