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An Outpouring of God's Love

A simple visit and some encouragement provides great hope for a family in need

At Mures Farm in Romania, 400 families live without water, roads, or schools. Just simple shelters. But for IN Romania Executive Director Daniela Pribac, this is a place the Lord has placed on her heart for a special purpose. Daniela visits the farm regularly, sharing the love of Jesus and helping with some basic needs.

Daniela shares, “We thank the Lord that in the midst of this situation, the Lord allowed a small church to be planted, which many children attend. These children each have their own story. Beyond the overwhelming emotions, we are glad that we could be a support for them, to try to give a sense of a future because through this program we care for the future.”

Daniela visits a family living in a former barn. It is very small. Just one room, without electricity. “I was welcomed with warmth and joy,” Daniela shares, “because nobody goes there and nobody is looking after them.” Beyond the food supplies she brings, the simple fact that someone visits and encourages them provides great hope for this family.

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