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Bible Clubs Reopened!

Because of you, all seven Bible Clubs re-opened and celebrated being together!

Your support made it possible for the Bible Clubs to reopen this February! After being closed for nine months due to Covid, the Bible Clubs successfully had their first Saturday Bible Club!

The pandemic was really hard on most kids. They couldn’t play with other kids, attend Bible Club, nor have enough food to eat.

As Kenya started lifting restrictions, the staff of all Bible Clubs gathered to create protocols and precautions for reopening the Bible Clubs. They were very excited to see the kids again!

With much anticipation, the day had finally come!

The children were so excited to be back with teachers who care about them. The joy was undeniable, and it was special to be all together.

Because of your support, the kids were back playing with their friends. They were with teachers who care deeply for them. It’s like a second family!

The children worshiped and praised God together. The teachers led devotions. Each child walked away hearing that they are unique and loved by God!

Each child had a warm, delicious meal of porridge, rice and beans!

Because of you, the kids are back in the Bible Clubs, learning more about Jesus Christ! You made it possible for them to have fun, have food to eat, and be in a loving environment. Thank you for your generosity!