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Brand New Bible Club Formed

Children flooded into the new Bible club location in Kibera, eager to receive the love of Jesus

When IN Kenya staff shared the vision of forming a new Bible club with Pastor Joseph Okiring, he was ready to help. And when 175 children showed up on the first day of the new Bible club this February, everybody praised the Lord!

The launch day began with prayer, and then a worship team from the Praise Liberation Church led praise and worship. A visiting pastor shared from Jeremiah 29:11 a message he entitled, “God knows me, God cares for me, and God has a plan for my life.”

The pastor reminded children that although they live in Kibera, Kibera does not define who they are or what they can achieve. God is calling them to do big things for Him. The pastor prayed over the children that out of the humble gathering would come great pilots, doctors, lawyers, and presidents. All servants of God.

The eager and hungry children had an extra special feast on this launch day. They had tea and biscuits rather than the usual porridge in the morning. Then for lunch they had rice, beef stew, vegetables, and beans. The highlight of the feast was a delicious cake to mark the birth of the new Bible club.

In closing, IN Program Coordinator Peter Karanja and the pastors took time to pray for the children before they left.

IN Kenya intentionally partners with local churches in Kibera, such as Pastor Joseph’s church, to provide the spiritual leadership for each of the weekly Bible clubs. This promotes local ownership and provides amazing opportunities for the pastor to pray for the children, visit with families, and ensure the Bible club runs smoothly.

Special thanks to Living Threads ministry in Zeeland, Michigan for making this new Bible club possible!