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Can't Go Home Again

Refugee children in Turkey may be in a safer place than their homeland, but there is deep heartache at the thought that they can’t go home again.

When the country where you live is torn apart by war, fleeing to a safer country with your family brings immediate relief.

But what happens when you can’t go home again – not just for weeks, but for months or even years?

Thousands of children live in this “between” world in Turkey. They have fled the dangers of Iraq and Syria and now live as refugees. The smells of home are gone. The daily routines of school and family life are shattered. They call a tent “home” but it doesn’t feel like home.

The International Needs team in Turkey is working to bring encouragement and relief to these refugee children and their families. A tent. A warm blanket. A jacket for cold days. Food. Shoes for growing feet. A cuddly stuffed animal for those lonely times when tears come.

Ministering to refugees is a Gospel Outreach endeavor for International Needs. First, these people are hurting and need comfort. Meeting those immediate needs builds a relationship of trust.

But also, many of these people don’t know the Lord and are open to hearing about the God who wants a personal relationship with them.

Within this relationship of trust between International Needs workers and refugee families, there is blessed space for sharing stories of hope.

One tool for sharing this message of hope is the recently published Action Bible. The beautiful drawings and simple text share the gospel message in a kid-friendly way. International Needs is working to provide one of these special Bibles to every child who asks.

Please pray for the refugee children in Turkey who can’t go home again. The Lord knows each young heart – may this be an opportunity for His comfort and hope for each child.