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Christ Church Advent Offering 2023

You Can Help

Support Ukrainian Refugees in Romania

You can support Ukrainian Refugees in Romania for Christmas!

With so many Ukrainian refugees living in Romania, families are still struggling with everyday needs. With your help, we can continue to support them.

February 2022, Russian troops crossed into Ukraine.

Bombs fell, people fled, and a full-scale invasion began. Women and children started to evacuate into nearby safe havens, photos hit international media, and the world wondered how to respond. Romania shares the largest border with Ukraine and immediately, many faithful Christ followers began to offer help.

Churches opened their doors

Churches stepped in for housing, and food packets and hygiene products were loaded in vans for convoys into Ukraine. Gospel pamphlets printed in Ukrainian began to be printed and distributed, and prayers for a quick ending to the war were offered.

But peace has not arrived. One refugee mother of a teen said, “We thought we were leaving for 4 months, but now it has been 14 months. My apartment building at home is destroyed and we are left with nothing. What is our future? “

Your generous gift this Christmas will mean a food basket gets to a refugee family, a preschool for Ukrainian children can continue to have school supplies, or a growing child can receive clothes that fit.

Your generous donation can provide so much support!

Please consider which of the following, and even how many of the following you would give:

  • $25 Groceries for a family
  • $40 School supplies for a child
  • $80 Clothing for a child
  • $100 After school activities
  • $250 Ukrainian language gospel booklets given with food packs
  • $500 IN Staff and Pastors working with Ukrainians
  • $1000 Relief items (blankets, clothing, hygiene kits)
  • $2500 Settlement support for refugee families

You can give to as many of these needs as you wish, and even give multiples of each as you see the need.

Thank you

Thank you for understanding the complexity of moving from relief efforts to a challenging resettlement project. International Needs Romania’s leadership, staff, and network of churches will keep going to help and provide for the refugees. Your offering will make an incredible difference to those displaced by the trauma of war-torn Ukraine.

You Can Help

Support Ukrainian Refugees in Romania

You can support Ukrainian Refugees in Romania for Christmas!

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