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From Broken to Victorious In Christ

How a girl abandoned as a toddler grew into a woman who knew she was loved

Ioana was abandoned by her parents in her first years of life. She was raised in an orphanage without the love and support that is so important to developing children.

After Ioana left the orphanage, she continued to face hardship. Life began to improve when she got married and had a child.

Then one day Ioana discovered she had cancer. As she started treatment, she felt physically unwell and very alone.

IN Romania Executive Director Daniela Pribac invited Ioana to participate in the Ark women’s and children’s ministry. Through this group, Ioana began to attend church. She heard of God’s love, but also about His almighty power, and that nothing is impossible for Him.

Every day, Ioana read her Bible and prayed. The Ark group also prayed faithfully for healing for Ioana. Not long after, the Lord did a miracle in Ioana’s life: her cancer was healed!

Ioana studied hard and became a cosmetologist. She has a great desire to help people, especially those suffering as she suffered.

Using both of those gifts, Ioana now serves as a volunteer with the Ark program. She is part of a team ministering to women in prison. She uses her knowledge about hygiene and cosmetology as a platform to not only make the women feel beautiful on the outside. At the same time, Ioana shares the love of Christ so these women may feel beautiful on the inside.

Thank you for your support, which makes beautiful transformations like Ioana’s possible. The Lord continues to work in Romania through people like you!