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"God Loves to Beat a Challenge"

How your support is helping reach people for Christ in the predominantly Muslim country of Turkey

Turkey is one of the largest nations unreached by the gospel. But as IN Turkey’s Behnan Konutgan shares, “God loves to beat a challenge.” Your support is helping to change that fact and reach people for Jesus.

The country of Turkey has a population of 80.8 million. 99.8% of the people are Muslim. It may seem like an impossible challenge to reach this country with the gospel, but here are some exciting things that your support is making possible, which will affect generations to come.

Next Generation Ministries are bringing hope and encouragement to children and teens. Four separate Christmas celebrations were customized to the church community, local Christian children, and refugees/migrants both inside Istanbul and outside Istanbul. The next generation is hungry for Christian fellowship and encouragement. Your support provides this critical ministry for young people in Turkey!

Church Planting Ministries are so important in Turkey and the Lord recently opened the door to expand in the region of Mersin. Mersin is close to the town of Tarsus, the birthplace of the apostle Paul.

IN Turkey Executive Director Antuan Gurun shares, “This month we sent Brother Selcuk to our church in Mersin to provide a day seminar focused on humans and sin. It was a wonderful day of meeting new friends in Christ and finding new ways to help the community with their spiritual needs.”

The Lord truly blessed this effort! The church was strengthened and seven new members joined the local church!

Thank you for your support of these life changing ministries. Please pray for the brothers and sisters of the local church in Mersin.