Sponsor A Child

Czech Republic

"Having a Baby is a Joy"

Because of you, students learned the value of life

Jitka Kultova specializes in teaching teenagers in high school about preventing unplanned pregnancy and the tragedy of abortion. In recent months, one class stuck out to Jitka above
the rest. In her lecture, she asked the students questions to address their fears. This helped them to understand the decision-making process if they have an unexpected pregnancy.

At the very end of her lecture she did some role playing where she gave the students a scenario and they decided how to proceed. When faced with the scenario of unexpected pregnancy, all chose against getting an abortion and decided to keep the child.

When Jitka asked why they chose to keep the baby the students answered similarly, “It is a life, I do not want to kill it. Having a baby is a joy”. According to Jitka, not every class goes this smoothly, but this class had a “special harmony” to it.

The support you bring to Jitka ensures that many more teens can be empowered to choose life and because of this God is glorified. Thank you so much!