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Her Family Rejected Her

How a woman rejected by her family experienced God's love from strangers

Jamila didn’t know where her husband was, or even if he was alive. She was on her own in Syria with her three young children when the danger and fighting intensified. She fled to Egypt with her children, intending to join family who had already settled in Cairo. When she found her family they rejected her and refused to help.

Jamila felt helpless and alone. The staff of IN Egypt befriended Jamila and began to walk alongside her, providing support she needed to care for her family.

“Why do you treat me with love when my family and Muslim people don’t?” Jamila questioned. This love from strangers was something she had never experienced.

Jamila continues to ask questions about Christianity and she now has her own Bible.

Please pray for Jamila. May she come to know Christ because of the love she is being shown!