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Burkina Faso
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Her Name is Written Down

Because of your prayers and support, a woman who worshiped fetish gods is now a Jesus follower

*Note: Name protected for security reasons*

A woman who spent her life worshiping fetish gods now has her name written on a list of people who love Jesus. Your prayers made such a difference!

Mrs. F spent her life worshiping fetish gods.

For each year of her 63 years of life, Mrs. F had to sacrifice an animal. Through this sacrifice she hoped to receive the favors of the gods of her village.

One day Mrs. F started to have severe back pain. And terrible headaches. There was no relief – only more pain.

Her grandchildren had an idea. “There are people who have come to our village and they are talking and people are healed.”

Mrs. F decided to go see what was going on. And the only way she can describe what happened is this, “I was touched by Jesus.”

Mrs. F prayed for the Lord to take away her pain and now the back pain and headaches are gone.

Mrs. F was so amazed, she testified in front of her children and the sisters of the village to say that Jesus is real!

During this same evangelism crusade, the people who accepted Jesus Christ in public had their names written down on a list. Mrs. F is proud to have her name included.

When you pray for people to know Jesus, you are praying for people like Mrs. F! Thank you for your prayers! Your prayers mean everything new believers!