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Motorcycles Help Make Disciples

With pastors and church planters in high demand, getting from one place to another on Sundays is tricky.

That’s where motorcycles come in.

Church planters in Uganda have a nearly impossible task - being in two places at once. Pastor Godfrey Watiti is one of those church planters He oversees a number of congregations and needs to carry out services more than one location each Sunday.

The lack of transportation made that so difficult. The bus schedule was tight and Pastor Godfrey wasn’t always able to get to the second service in time to preach to the people who were waiting.

Can you imagine what a difference a motorcycle made to Pastor Godfrey?

Your support made it possible for Pastor Godfrey and five other church planters to have a motorcycle. Now, their congregations can rely on them! They are able to move among the different communities, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and planting new churches.

Pastor Godfrey shares, “Now I carry out the ministry with comfort!”

These new motorcycles are a key tool in making new disciples. Thank you for making this possible with your support.

Will you be praying for Pastor Godfrey and the congregations in his care? Thank you - your prayers mean so much!