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Overnight, Mama Njuki's job evaporated

You helped feed her family so they didn't starve during lockdown

When Covid hit Uganda and the schools closed, Mama Njuki was in a desperate situation. Her job making school uniforms was no longer needed. She didn’t have a way to feed her children. But you helped with emergency food so Mama Njuki’s family didn’t starve.

As a widow, it was all up to Mama Njuki.

Her shoulders sometimes ached after a long day making school uniforms.

But Mama Njuki was happy to be able to feed her seven children. But then the Covid pandemic changed everything. Schools closed. Business dried up. Nobody wanted school uniforms.

Mama Njuki wondered how would she feed her children. She prayed for help.

The Lord answered Mama Njuki’s prayer and you were a part of His answer! You provided food for Mama Njuki and her children during the roughest time of the pandemic.

Mama Njuki shared, “I thank God for the way He has provided for me and my family during this lockdown. My shop is picking up slowly. Currently I can afford to feed my family.”

Thank you for your kindness in helping this dear family through a difficult time!