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She Was Hawking Oysters on the Street

How a young woman's dream became her reality

Rosemary was a young woman hawking oysters on the street. She dreamed of being a fashion designer, but had no way to get the training. You made her dream possible.

Rosemary’s parents are both sick and unable to work. As a ninth grader, Rosemary began hawking fried oysters on the streets of Accra to support herself. But she had creative talent and dreams of using her talents to form a business.

Thanks to faithful supporters like you, Rosemary became a Fashion Design student at the Center for Empowerment and Enterprise Development (CEED). She had support for school fees, meals, and a hand sewing machine. Rosemary worked hard and was a brilliant student.

Today Rosemary earns a decent income making clothes for the people in her home community. Young women now look at Rosemary and see what they can become if they work hard.

Thank you for your precious prayers and support! You are making a real difference for young women like Rosemary!