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“So I Ran Without Looking Back”

When she escaped, she found the most freedom and hope with the help of Galilaya Bible Club

Elizabeth’s quiet demeanor doesn’t show the trauma she’s been through. Her love for God and her family has kept her strong.

Elizabeth’s husband died of HIV related complications, leaving Elizabeth ill, jobless, and with children to raise. She faced discrimination on health grounds, and life was lonely.

While visiting a friend in Kibera, she discovered the Galilaya Bible Club. She and her family were given permission to live at the Bible Club building. Elizabeth began teaching at the Galilaya Non-formal School, serving children who live in poverty and have great needs. Her own children received sponsorship through IN.

Elizabeth became terribly ill in 2015, and without her consent, relatives took her to her rural home. They prepared a grave site and waited for her to die. In her weakest moment, Elizabeth prayed to God for the strength to see her children grow, and to serve Him.

One day, before sunrise, she crawled out of the hut she’d been put in, sneaked past the sleeping relatives, and mustered all the little strength she had to RUN! And run she did, through corn plantations, in the dark, to a bus that took her back to Nairobi and her children. Miraculously, she became healthy.

Today, Elizabeth faithfully teaches at Galilaya Bible Club and she attends a Christian support group for HIV/ AIDS challenged mothers.

Because of your support from people like you, Elizabeth was able to have a secure job and a place of refuge for her and her family. Thank you!