Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a Child

Today, there’s a child hoping you will choose her. She’s living in poverty and she is in dire need of practical help right now, like food and school fees. Things were hard for her before the pandemic and now they are much worse. She needs someone like you. You can help a child today and let her know you care!

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When you sponsor a child, you will provide exactly what they need. You will make sure your child has food to eat and gets a great education. Best of all, you will let your child know that Jesus loves her! That’s what makes your sponsorship so special.

Your $38/month sponsorship will change a child’s life and give them exactly the help they need! Will you help a child who needs you by sponsoring her today?

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  • India 5 years old


    Math is my favorite subject and I really like to play soccer!

  • India 13 years old


    Hi, I'm Aniketh! I love playing cricket and football! My favorite foods are bread and eggs.

  • India 11 years old


    Hi, I'm Dev! I love running races and eating noodles!

  • India 17 years old


    I love to play badminton and my favorite subjects are Nepali and Science.

  • Kenya 11 years old


    I love to sing! My favorite subject in school is science.

  • Kenya 6 years old


    I love to skip rope! I help my grandmother by fetching water. I like numbers.

  • Kenya 5 years old


    I like learning Swahili and English. I like to play football with my friends.

  • Kenya 6 years old


    I love cars! I also like to play football. I’m learning my numbers.

  • Kenya 7 years old


    I like to learn about science! I love to play football.

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